How do I get started?
What we require to get started is a email flyer (unless we are designing one for you), schedule (when and where you want your email flyer sent to), email subject line and the payment. Please contact us at info@directmarketingcorp.com for more information

Where do you get your list?
Our email lists are composed from a variety of sources. No two are the same. Depending on the list, they may come from NARs, MLSs, credit bureaus. etc. We have the most extensive email list database available today.

Is this a spamming service?
We are not a spamming service. Our email lists are targeted delivering you information of vital importance for your business. People that are not interested in our service are given the chance to unsubscribe from our email list at any time by clicking an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email flyer that is received.

How quick will my email flyer be delivered?
We can start as soon as we receive all the information from you.

Is the credit card transaction secure?

Is anyone going to have access to my information?
The information you provide us on your registration will never be shared.