One of the most important parts of Email Marketing is having access to good quality opted-in email lists.
For any business there is nothing better than a highly targeted qualified lead. What if you had access to thousands and even millions of such leads? That would be an ideal scenario for any business. Direct Marketing will give you access to your target markets with our highly targeted email lists.

At Direct marketing, we have put in place data compilation process to ensure the quality of our lists. We compile data from reliable network of data sources. Once the data is compiled, we update and maintain the lists to ensure the quality and relevancy. The process is a combination of automated and manual process that ensures that our clients get access to the best possible marketing data available.
Data Compilation process:

1.- Collect data from reliable sources such as trade shows, B2B portals, subscriptions and more
2.- Segment the data based on geographical location
3.- Verify the data
4.- Seek permission from the contacts to receive the third party communication (opt-in)
5.- Remove any uninterested contacts
6.- Add the contacts to a highly targeted permission-based list.